Finally, something works!
“I’ve suffered with chronic back and neck pain caused by a car accident for years. I’ve tried different products to help manage my pain but experienced only minimal results. I am amazed at the relief that Paula‘s packs provide. Not only can I use them hot or cold but I can get a deep moist heat which is what my doctor recommends. Finally, something works!”

-- S. Summers

Helps me Relax and Reduces My Pain

“A few years ago I had a lot of pain in my shoulders due to heavy lifting from my occupation. I heard about Paula’s shoulder wraps from a friend.  After using it just once I noticed quite a reduction in pain.  Now after a hard days work I know I can always depend on my wrap to help me relax and reduce my pain.”

-- C.J. Kaylor

I Only Wish I Had Gotten One Sooner

“I am shocked at the difference in the amount of pain I’m experiencing after using the aromatherapy neck wrap! I use mine every night and my pain has gone from a 6 to 2. I only wish I had gotten one sooner!”

-- Mary Sanders